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If purchasing a home or condo in a golf course community is a priority then there are some things you should know.

Understand the terms used for the different golf course memberships and what each offers. That will determine which communities you should consider.

BUNDLED GOLF - This membership means that every homeowner is a golf member (BUNDLED) with the purchase of property in that community. This means there will ne mandatory fees you are required to pay each year as annual dues but typically you do not pay an initial membership fee..

An advantage is that you get to play golf at a lower initial cost plus cart fees. Also if you rent your home or condo then your renter can use your membership.

The disadvantage is that if there are 1000 homeowners you could have a 1000 players. Most of these bundled courses have a Chelse System which allots tee times based on number of players and the demand for play. This means you can not say I want to play at am next five days you will be alloted a time.

EQUITY GOLF -  This means that you pay a intitial fee to joint the golf club as well as annual dues. Most communities with Equity Golf the membership is optional. Fees vary based of quality of course or courses and the maxuim number of memberships available.